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About us

Our aim is to help YOU Save Time, Save Water and Help Protect the Environment.

All the bins we clean are scraped, high pressure cleaned, sanitised and deodorised with a uniquley scented Odour Control Liquid Sanitiser (It's Bin OCL'ED). This product is a locally made hospital grade disinfectant. The bins are cleaned on site after the bins have been emptied. You will not even know we have been there. All wastewater and solid waste is disposed of correctly in compliance with Council and EPA regulations.

Our results continually impress.

It's Bin Cleaned promises its customers that we will solve the problem of that putrid smell, the maggots and numerous diseases that their bin creates.

"We turn an unpleasant chore into a pleasant surprise"....

The cost is that affordable that you will wonder why everyone does not get their bin cleaned. Our prices are determined by how often your bin is cleaned, the size of the bin being cleaned and as to how many bins we will be cleaning at one time.

Why would you get your bins cleaned?

Domestic/ Commercial

  • Helps create a safer cleaner home environment for your family.
  • Helps in preventing disease, in particular EG E-coli & Salmonella from dirty bins,
  • Helps keep creepy crawlies and vermin such as rats and mice away from your bins,
  • Improves the presentation of your Home or Business by preventing those putrid offensive smells.
  • Increases your chances for potential clients (sale or rent).
  • Helps meet your OH&S and Council Water regulation requirements.
  • Creates a cleaner safer environment to work in so is therefore great PR with employees.
  • Professional bin cleaning means you do not have to do it yourself and the results we get and the affordable cost means you would never think about doing it yourself again.
  • Don’t leave a mess around your premises as we will take that with us

It’s Bin Cleaned staff/franchisee’s have 1 simple aim. That is to provide our service with the least amount of fuss to the customer that is always reliable and affordable...

Common feedback from our customer’s is that “once you get your bins cleaned regularly you couldn’t imagine not having them cleaned”


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