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In April 2016 we unvieled the latest and greatest bin cleaning machine that was locally designed, engineered and manufactured. The research and development into this new machine was 16 months in the making. The hydraulic lift will make this a fully automated bin cleaning machine that cleans 2 bins at a time in under 45 seconds. The system is run by computer and has the most advanced and unique recycled water system ever designed. This is truly a bin cleaning machine designed and developed by bin cleaning professionals for bin cleaning professionals. Become an It's Bin Cleaned franchisee and you will reap the benefits of such a quality machine.


We not only supply the most efficient bin cleaning service available but we can allow you to start your own impressive bin cleaning business through franchising.

It's Bin Cleaned along with The Franchise Institute have developed the latest franchise package that gives you, the franchisee the best possible chance to succeed.

We provide the latest environmentally friendly bin cleaning equipment of the highest quality, the superior marketing tools and innovations, the training and invaluable support that you need to build your own business to a level that will allow you to enjoy the spoils of your future.

The It's Bin Cleaned franchise package is a "turn-key" package where you turn the key, put in the hard work and watch your business continually grow. With the way It's Bin Cleaned has set up its customer base your bin cleans become regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly jobs so when you gain your initial customer base the rest will just keep growing and growing and growing.

Your next decision is "Do I expand and have two bin cleaning units or do I sell off a part of my area and give someone else the amazing business opportunity that I have just had?"

All you have to do is let It's Bin Cleaned take you on this journey, put in the hard work and enjoy the benefits of owning your own business.

It's Bin Cleaned currently has 5 bin cleaning units servicing the Gold Coast and we have started our 1st interstate franchise in Sydney’s North West. It is not only the Gold Coast that It's Bin Cleaned is looking to expand as we have found that it does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone has a bin therefore everyone has a need for It's Bin Cleaned.


It's Bin Cleaned is unique because it was developed to provide an environmentally friendly bin cleaning service that cleans all bin sizes from large dump bins to wheelie bins. The cleaning process is efficient whilst keeping initial start-up costs to a level that allows the operator to see the profits sooner.

So many things are important to us like our future which is why our bin cleaning units have been developed to look after our diminishing water supplies and our environment. Our bin cleaning units are EPA approved and backed by the local council.


1. Bin cleaning is not just about cleaning bins. We have systems, structures and equipment that allows your growth to be as rapid as ours has been. These procedures have allowed us to expand from one bin cleaning unit in the 1st year to 5 bin cleaning units in 5 years. That is massive growth and we want to show you how to do the same!

2. It's Bin Cleaned will continue to strive to be the most efficient, practical and marketable bin cleaning service available.

3. It's Bin Cleaned has a commitment to offer an environmentally friendly bin cleaning service that is innovative in its design and marketing, whilst providing a customer service that is committed to please. We aim to make the customer happy and the franchisee happier.

4. If you follow our strategic marketing plan and commit to open and honest communication then you will be on the path to success. Our initial 90 day marketing plan is backed up with an income guarantee for the 1st 6 months of operation. You have a head start to success.

5. If you could imagine going to work in an outdoors environment that you love whilst knowing you have the security of a support system that can help you earn a great income then you are on the right track as this is what we help you do.

6. The joy we get out of seeing satisfied customers time and time again is very rewarding. Our customers become our friends.

7. Our business model has been designed on the basis that our operators can achieve quantity and quality with great efficiency while our customers are experiencing a reliable and affordable service with great flexibility.

8. Once an It's Bin Cleaned franchisee starts to build their client base then build is what happens. The majority of our customers become regular customers so you get to the point where you stop marketing or expand. This is when you ask yourself “How many bin cleaning units do you want to operate in your area?”

9. Massive growth industry with little competition but great demand. The right time is now!

10. For me personally, it was very important that I structured my business around my family and that is what an It’s Bin Cleaned franchise allows you to do. To spend time with my family and to be able to take the kids to and from school is the greatest asset for me whilst still earning a very good income. No weekend work.

11. Our Franchise Fee structure is specific only to an It’s Bin Cleaned Franchise. Our most important commodity is our Franchisee’s so we have a fixed rate system so therefore you are not paying the franchisor for working harder and making more money. This system that we have implemented will allow our franchisee’s to a much higher profit margin and therefore the more you earn the more you keep!

Here is what our current franchise owners have to say;

"I had been wanting to start my own business for quite a while and as I'm not much of a gambler, I wanted to get involved with something which I viewed as having minimal risk, whilst providing a legitimate opportunity to really build value in the business. Having a wife and child to support, it was preferable to find a business idea that wouldn't break the bank initially, and that would be manageable financially through the early stages.

It's Bin Cleaned ticked the boxes and due to it's low running costs and efficient systems, I felt good about getting involved". Ben Milham – It’s Bin Cleaned South Central Gold Coast. Started operation in Feb 2008.

"I moved to the Gold Coast wanting to invest in another franchise opportunity in retail. I am so thankful that I came across It's Bin Cleaned. I now believe that the service industry and especially the way It's Bin Cleaned is set up is the only way forward. To think that I now own and run my own business in such a growth industry is a fantastic feeling. I have since moved away from the Gold Coast so I have a full-time contractor running the vehicle which is working very well". Graham Johnston - It's Bin Cleaned Central GC. Commenced operation in Nov’10.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our 2 latest franchisee’s.

Lee Ellicott commenced operation in Jan'16. He will be operating as It's Bin Cleaned Northern GC. He will service the area from Helensvale to Beenleigh. Lee has been in business for himself for many years as a tradesman and liked the idea of having the regular income that IBC provides. After a serious back injury he had time to research many different businesses and once he saw 1st hand how an IBC franchise ran he wanted in and took control of his exclusive franchise area within 2 months.

We are proud to welcome Simon Maitland to our bin cleaning team. Simon is our 1st interstate franchise and will be operating as It's Bin Cleaned NW Sydney. He will service the area of Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Carlingford, North Rocks, North Parramatta and Bella Vista. Simon commenced operation in July'13.

It would be a pleasure to show you our franchise package which has been developed to provide the franchisee with the optimum sales and marketing strategies as well as simplifying the daily operations so that you have the greatest chance for success.

Our approach to the initial start-up of a new franchise is designed to release the pressure valve and enjoy the security of a support team to help each franchisee to continually grow. We believe this is a partnership that will succeed by us growing together.

Allow It's Bin Cleaned to help change your life forever.



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