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Welcome to It's Bin Cleaned Logan. We are proud to offer our service to the Logan Council and surrounding area's due to our latest franchisee. It's Bin Cleaned has been operating since 2006 and they have finally been able to service the Southern Brisbane area through their latest franchise.

It's Bin Cleaned is proud to announce the expansion of their franchise system to now cover the Logan Council area to the South of Brisbane.This is a very exciting time as this expansion pushes our fleet to 7 vehicles. Five franchised area's on the Gold Coast plus It's Bin Cleaned Sydney NW and now It's Bin Cleaned Logan which will start operation on the 1/08/16.

Call It’s Bin Cleaned now as we meet all legislative regulations and will alleviate the chance of a major fine.
We capture all waste water used in the wheelie bin cleaning process and we also recycle and filter the water throughout the day.
Don't risk polluting our water ways by not caring how the wheelie bins will be cleaned. Just because the wheelie bins are kept out of sight, doesn't mean we have the right not to care about how the wheelie bins are being cleaned.

Are you sick and tired of putting up with disease ridden, smelly bins that crawl with maggots? Well there is an answer for you. It's Bin Cleaned is an Environmentally Friendly Bin Cleaning Service that has been operating since 2006 and they are dedicated to supplying an efficient and reliable service that eradicates all the unwanted problems that dirty bins create!

It has become an OH&S issue along with Work Cover issues to ensure that your bins are kept clean to comply with the rules and regulations of local Councils and the Environment Protection Act 1970.
Council laws have changed and it is the responsibility of the resident that no bins or the bin area can emit any odours and the responsibility to clean bins or bin areas rests with the operators/owners of the commercial premises. IT IS NOT the responsibility of the service supplier.

So it's the old adage "Prevention is better than cure". By properly maintaining your wheelie bin, by having it regularly cleaned ensures that your wheelie bin receives a welcome "makeover" every 2-4 weeks. Any longer between cleans and it defeats the purpose as the process of bacteria building grows rapidly.

After 6 years of operating on the Gold Coast It's Bin Cleaned has launched it's latest bin cleaning vehicle into the Sydney market. Originally they will be based in The Hills Shire in Sydney's Northwest although they believe that major expansion into all suburbs of Sydney will not be too far away.

It's Bin Cleaned have just launched their special summer deal for residential clients on regular bin cleaning. They now offer a free bin clean to all clients who pay for 6 bin cleans in advance based on 2 residential wheelie bins being cleaned. This special deal is for both fortnightly and monthly clients.

On December 5th 2016 It's Bin Cleaned will be celebrating 10 years of operation as the most reliable, effective and efficient bin cleaning company on the Gold Coast with a strict envirnmentally friendly policy.

It's in Cleaned originally started as a "one man" owner operator business but has now grown to 7 bin cleaning vehicles servicing the Gold Coast from Beenleigh in the North to the Coolangatta-Tweed border on the South. It's Bin Cleaned launched into the Sydney market in 2013 and the latest franchise will operate in Logan to the South of Brisbane.


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